Coatings Products

Car Driving Near Painted LineMancuso Chemicals Limited has been producing resins for the coatings industry since 1996.

Our Resyd™ line of short, medium and long oil alkyds are used in a variety of coatings applications and are renowned for their excellent consistency and tight physical and chemical specifications.

Producing customized resins are a standard project using our dedicated coatings laboratory. Please contact us about partnering with your company in designing proprietary products for your applications.

Oil Length Type Description
Long Oil

  • Used in metal, architectural enamels, wood stains
  • Soya
High oil content alkyds. Best for brushing applications. Slower dry time and higher flexibility
Medium Oil

  • Used in industrial primers and enamels
  • Soya or Linseed
Faster drying than long oil. VOC exempt options. Fast drying linseed options for vehicle requirements
Short Oil

  • Used in industrial topcoats
  • Low oil content
  • TOFA or Soya
Best for spraying applications. High hardness but less flexibility. Available with fast drying/low VOC/VOC exempt/high solids/low viscosity packages
Phenolic Modified

  • Used for flash primers
  • Short oil rosin
  • Tung or Linseed
Modified with phenolic resin. Gives extreme durability and chemical resistance
Water Reducible

  • Medium Oil
  • Soya
Water reducible alkyds – High solids alkyd that can be neutralized with amine and thinned with water
Traffic Alkyds

  • short and medium
Designed specifically for the demands of the traffic market. Fast dry. Available in traditional and low VOC solvent packages

Road Painting Coating Product

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