Large Chemical StorageWith a history of 35 years of innovation, Mancuso Chemicals is looking towards the future.

Our team of scientists, engineers and field specialists are focused on seeking better ways of doing business.

We are constantly updating old products and creating newer greener, more sustainable products with better Health and Safety and reduced environmental impact for our employees, customers and communities.

With the best talent, the employees of Mancuso Chemicals bring diverse backgrounds, expertise, and a focus towards innovations to make better products, and products that can do the job differently.

Our plant is purpose built for the production of these new products utilizing the latest state of the art equipment and controls towards better control and accuracy, reliability and safety.

Resin ReactorWe manufacture the full spectrum of foundry products for no bake, hot box and gas cured applications as well as complete range of base resins for large scale industrial and commercial coatings manufacture.

Our qualified chemical and technical staff are able to collaborate with your own personnel to troubleshoot and optimize operations.

Our Labs:

  • 2 Alkyd labs
  • 4 foundry labs
  • 1 wet chemistry / steel products lab