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Mancuso Chemicals Limited has been a manufacturer for the steel and tin mill industry since it was incorporated in 1986, although production on the site first started in 1979.

We are the largest producer of Phenol Sulphonic Acid (ManBrite™ PSA) for the Ferrostan process in Canada. Our customer list includes mills in Canada, USA, Venezuela, Chile, Brasil and Taiwan. Various specifications can be manufactured depending on your application including the standard USA Steel specifications through the lower free phenol and free sulphuric acid grades that some companies require.

For our steel mill customers, we have two major product lines including our MillKleen™ degreaser products for cleaning equipment, floors and trucks as well as our StainFree™ steel coil cleaner and stain preventer. We are ready to provide you with the pricing and quick delivery turn around that mills require.

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