Phenolic Urethane No Bake Systems

RapidurRapidur™ Binders

  • The Rapidur No-Bake systems have a reputation for high tensile strengths, operator-friendliness, excellent shake-out and superior casting finishes.
  • Less than 0.1% free formaldehyde
    • 15% reduction in VOC content
  • Catalysts that allow for 1 minute strip times
  • Workhorse 733 + 727 / 739 Systems

Deminimis™ – Supercedes Rapidur A2000 series with improved strength. Offers low VOC / Low HAP’s - for superior performance, low lustrous carbon, low smoke and low odor.

Ultra™ – The most ecological and environmentally friendly binder series on the market. Offering the foundry the lowest VOC / lowest HAP’s with the lowest odor and superior hot strength. Provides the ultimate in user friendliness and foundry stewardship.

Rapidset™ – Polyol Urethane Systems for aluminum and non ferrous alloys

Aludur™ - PUNB binder system for rapid shakeout in aluminum and non ferrous alloys.