Other Products

  • Other ProductspHenoSet™ – Alkaline Phenolic Ester
  • RESYD™ – Alkyd MR/LF Foundry binders
  • LinOil  – Core Oil Systems


  • RAPIBOND™ Core and Mold Foundry Adhesives – two part THERMOSETTING glue based on proprietary technology. Non epoxy, fast setting, high strengths


  • Environmentally Responsible Release Agents and Cleaners
  • Other Chemical ProductsNatuRA – ultra low, non-Hazardous tooling cleaner
  • Isotol – a series of metal cleaners
  • ManKleenBP – environmentally friendly cleaner
  • MH – Traditional aluminum and silicone based release agents
  • Degreasers, Core Washes

Anti-Veining Additive – AF#2M

A proven product for the elimination of finning defects found in higher temperature applications (e.g Cast Irons).

  • Very small additions of less than 1% are usually sufficient.21Af-no2
  • Colouring of cores allows full traceability in the coreshop.
  • Suitable for all core process types, especially PUCB.