Foundry Products

Foundry ProductA supplier to foundries on 4 continents, Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. is a market leader in binder and resin technology. Using innovative thinking and a foundry dedicated research team, we are at the forefront of several areas of the marketplace including:

No Bake Binders and catalysts: High strength, fast curing Rapidur™ Phenolic Urethane Binders, Low VOC / Low HAP’s Deminimis™ Phenolic Urethane Binders, Rapidset™ Polyol-Urethane Aluminum Binders, Aludur™ Phenolic Urethane Aluminum Binders. NB Furan Resins, Resital™ Phenolic Cure Resins. Catasol Sulphonic Acid Catalysts (Xylene, Toluene and Benzene based).

Cold Box Resins: Rapidcure™ Phenolic-Urethane Binder Systems, Aluset™ Aluminium Specific Cold Box Systems.

RapiBond™ Foundry Adhesives, NatuR.A.™ Environmentally Friendly Release agents, MH Standard Release Agents.

ManKleen™ BP and Isotol Tooling Cleaners.

General Foundry PractiseOur qualified chemical and foundry technical staff are able to trouble-shoot a number of foundry issues including:

  • General Foundry Practice
  • Pattern processes
  • Casting Defects
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Environmental Issues
  • Metallurgical Issues
  • Ergonomic Issues

Reports are issued from our labs in Niagara Falls as well as through on-site training seminars.To request further information please contact us.