June 2019 – Mancuso Chemicals de Mexico unveils new warehouse in Mexico

This brand new facility, located In Monterrey, Nuevo Leon provides logistical support and warehousing for all  foundry products, together with on site laboratory capabilities for resins.  Plans are ongoing for the inclusion of an additional Technical Centre on the premises.

For more information contact:

Hector TorresMCM

Sales Manager

+52 1 81 1532 2909

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February 2019 – Mancuso Chemicals Sudamericana S.A.C. opens a brand new facility in Lupin, Peru.

This 10,000 m2 facility just south of Lima is the logistical centre for all of Western South America. It currently 

mexico warehousehouses Resin, Refractories, Sleeves and various other foundry consumables and will be used for local production of Foundry Chemicals.

 For more information contact:

Wilfredo Alférez
Gerente General
Mancuso Chemicals Sudamericana S.A.C.
Email: walferez@mancusochemicals.com
Cel: (511) 995648020

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Thomas Metcalf promoted as General Manager

General Announcement for Employees and stake holders in the business of Mancuso Chemicals Ltd.

I am very pleased to announce that effective June 3rd, 2019 Thomas Metcalf has accepted the position of General Manager at Mancuso Chemicals Limited, Niagara Falls facility. Thomas has been with Mancuso Chemicals since 2011. As an internal promotion, starting as a Research associate in the lab, Thomas advanced steadily through positions of greater responsibility – learning every step of the way. His excellent job performance and hard work over the past years has demonstrated the qualities that give me great confidence that he is the correct person to execute the plans for continuous development and growth of Mancuso Chemicals Ltd.

Please join me in congratulating Thomas on his promotion and wishing him best of luck in his new role with Mancuso Chemicals.

Yours Truly,

Tony Mancuso


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Bozka Minerals selected as exclusive distributor for Turkey


Mancuso Chemicals Ltd., is pleased to announce the appointment of BOZKA MINERALS as the exclusive distributor for its foundry chemical products for Turkey.

This move will provide the growing Turkish foundry market access to the latest in highly engineered resins for No-Bake and Cold Box operations.

For further information contact Mancuso Chemicals Limited or Ufuk Bozkaya:
+90 216 688 3777, ub@hasmak-t.com, https://hasmak.com.tr/bozka/iletisim.html

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Tony & Jim Mancuso receive International Entrepreneur Award

 22nd Annual Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala Event.

International Entrepreneur Award. Presented by Niagara Region Economic Development

Antonio & Jim Mancuso

Jim & Tony Mancuso

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Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. acquires InterAtlas Autofluids (IAAF)

Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. is pleased to announce that on June 2nd 2015 it acquired InterAtlas Autofluids (IAAF)

IAAF is a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of DEF, Coolant, Windshield Wiper Fluids, Greases and Tires in the Southern Ontario region. 

Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. will look to continue to boost this brand through expanding the offerings of IAAF both in terms of geographical footprint as well as product lines” said Jim Mancuso, VP Global Operations.  ”Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. is committed to maintaining the ISO registered level of quality demanded of these products, and using the resources available within Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. from the perspective of economies of scale and R&D, to provide greater value to all clients in these markets.”

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Mancuso Chemicals out in full force at Fundiexpo, Monterrey, Mexico. September 24-26th, 2014.

The 19th Casting Congress and Exhibition runs September 24-26th at CINTERMEX, Monterrey, Mexico.

Stop by our booth to talk about the latest developments in foundry resins.

mty show

Company President Mr. Antonio Mancuso will be gracing the booth on the opening day. Find us at the Mancuso Chemicals booth in conjunction with our partners, ABC Minerales de Mexico.

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Asbury Wilkinson is appointed exclusive distributor for Quebec


It is with great pleasure that Mancuso Chemicals Ltd., appoints ASBURY WILKINSON as exclusive distributor of it’s foundry chemical products for the province of Quebec. 

As the largest Canadian foundry resin producer and the largest furan binder manufacturer in the NAFTA region, we have taken this step in order to better serve the foundry market of Quebec.

Already with a significant footprint in the province, Mancuso Chemicals now looks to provide Quebec foundries with the additional account support that Asbury Wilkinson has built its reputation on.
Technical support will continue to be provided from the state of the art R&D and production facilities in Niagara Falls.

New and exciting products for No-Bake and cold box process’ are available to all Quebec foundries from a uniquely Canadian partnership, using proprietiary Canadian technology.
For further information contact Mancuso Chemicals Limited or Jean-Guy Cusson at (514) 231-0689.

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Nuplex Industries in NZ launches updated website with links to Mancuso Chemicals Limited

Details of Mancuso Chemicals Limited’s resins are now available at http://www.nuplex.com/Specialties/products/browse-products/foundry-metal-casting.aspx

Follow the pertinent product listing and click the Mancuso Chemicals Limited logo to be re-directed to our homepage where you can track down additional details about the product.

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Dr. David Senior returns as General Manager

Mancuso Chemicals Limited is pleased to announce the reappointment of Dr. David Senior as General Manager.

David started his career in 1987 in R&D with Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in the forest products sector, before moving into polymer sales and R&D with the SI Group (Schenectady International) where he focused predominately on the production of alkyds and polyesters.

In 2010 David became General Manager at Mancuso Chemicals Limited, but left briefly to become GM of the Whitford Corporation at their HP Polymers facility. David has returned to continue the work in developing new materials and expanding the production capabilities of the Niagara Falls plant.

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