Impact of Covid 19 on the manufacturing operations at the Niagara Falls facility

March 23, 2020.

Dear Valued Customer, 

In these extraordinary times, I wish to bring you up to speed with what we here at Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. have been doing in order to address the legitimate concerns of our employees and you, our customers.   At Mancuso Chemicals, the safety of our employees, their families, and our community is always our top priority.  Accordingly, 10 days ago, significant precautions were implemented to ensure their safety.  We will continue to follow the recommended social distancing, personal contact, disinfecting, and health screening protocols on-site, as well as members of our team to work remotely as possible.   Furthermore, with the exception of truck drivers, all 3rd party visits onto our property have been prohibited.  

This approach will continue to enable us to supply the critical products our customers all around the world demand, in a manner that takes the concerns of authorities seriously.  We remain 100% open, have been producing at normal rates and are well stocked with most raw materials to continue our normal operations.  We have made all shipments requested of us since the crisis started.  Our workforce has shown up in full, for which we are grateful, but we recognize that there are factors that are out of our control that could cause complications. If those situations were to change, we will be the first to inform you but it is likely that those same factors would be causing you the same barriers to your continued free operation.



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